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Dear Dr. Schuchardt, I have found after all your Romano Baskisches and am wondering when other parts of it are to follow. You denied at Munich that skillings was a Gothic word: now on page 302 of Heynes achte Auflage of Ulfilas I find “skilliggs. st. m., Schilling; Neap. Aret. Urkk.” - Pray have more confidence in me. I am going to vote for you again in April for the Council of the Irish Society. I have found out the omission in Vinsons Bibliographie of over 100 books and leaflets and brochures in or on Basque, having each at least 4 pages. He defends himself by saying that I seem to have considered his book as a catalogue! As if every Bibliography had not a catalogue as its backbone, the descriptions of each book and the history of their connection being the flesh which makes it a book and not a skeleton - At any rate completeness would have been an ornament, and the public had a right to expect it. These omissions come from ignorance. the errors in the titles and the numbering of the pages of the books which are catalogued are due to carelessness, and are no more admirable than the other misprints which abound in the work as in all Vinsons publications that I know. I have one of the 5 known examples of Capanagas catechism, the first book printed in Biscayan Basque. Can you find some editor to reprint it? I would send a faithful copy - In your last letter you advised me to publish some Basque text. I am not rich enough to do so at my own risk & you did not think my psalm worth noticing! Vinson will not fix a date for continuing my Concordance to Leiçarragas verb so I have by Mr D’Abbadies advice offered it to the Museon. I await an answer. Vinson will publish in April my fragment of Helaine[1] with English translation.

[2]E. S. Dodgson.

8 Rue de la Sorbonne 8


23 Feb: 1892.

[1] Ms. 17 du fonds basque-cèlte de la Bibl. Nat. de Paris.

[2] Dodgson setzt am linken Rand quer über den Text fort.