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Postkarte (013-02381)

Yaun Maitea I found your kind card of the 15th on arriving by the 6 + 3 p.m. train yesterday from Landeck (Land-Egui). Will you have the patience and goodness to write once more and tell me (as I hear that Madonna di Campiglio is very expensive, which your saying that rooms are obtained with difficulty confirms) at how much a day one can live there in your hotel or any other en pension at the very cheapest? I am not rich and have to be very careful. - If I were better off how much more I might do for the extension of my own and other peoples knowledge! Also kindly say how long you intend to remain where you are. I have some thoughts of going from Trieste through Montenegro & Albania to Greece, then to Roumania & Constantinople, in order to present a more practical knowledge of Greek, Roumanian & Armenian at my second years examination at the ELLOY at the end of next June - I should however much like to pass a winter at Graz if you thought you coud make anything of me. What a “disgracia” you have had there! Cannot you persuade your University to buy Maisonneuves copy of Leiçarragas New Test? - he asks 1200 francs: it is perfect & very clean and well-bound. I came over the Strela and Fluela passes after a week in Chur.

Address yours faithfully E. S. Dodgson.

at Poste Restante, Innsbruck, till 5 Sept:

(28 Aug: 1890).