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Dear Sir I trust that you are now better. I am hoping to visit Vienna this summer and if I felt sure that I should find you during the period 15 Aug - 15 Sept:, or thereabouts, at Graz, I should be tempted to go thither in order to have a little talk with you, if you should feel inclined to see me. Mr Webster tells me that you have composed “a little Basque greeting to Reinhold Köhler on his birthday” - if this is printed will you kindly send me a copy? I left Paris on Monday, and am staying in Basel till 21 July at Hotel Baslerhof, Klein-Basel. Have you seen in the “Euskara” of Berlin, no 7, your two letters to me? I wish you would give the Basque Society the honour and support of your membership - Mr Linschmann tells me that he has had letters from you. The first part of my concordance to the verb in St Peters 2 Epistles was full of misprints. Mr J. Vinson will print the 2nd half more carefully in the Revue de Linguistique of this month, and the mistakes of importance will be confessed in October -

Lebe wohl - I am off on foot again across the frontier - yours E. S. Dodgson

14. July 1890.

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